SELLATAN® HAT liq. - High astringent tanning agent

With SELLATAN® HAT liq. TFL launched a liquid astringent tanning agent with high tanning capacity especially for tight and compact leather articles.

As retanning agent for both chrome and chrome-free leathers, it allows tanners to produce quality leathers with consistent result. It provides exceptional fullness with a tight, uniform grain break for shoe, handbag and automotive articles. Tight grain and fullness are prerequisites for excellent embossing results, optimising cutting yield. Although being a liquid tanning agent, SELLATAN® HAT liq. can often replace powder syntans one to one.

The low formaldehyde and phenol content and the minimal TDS contribution make SELLATAN® HAT liq. ideal for the TFL White Line Technology.

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Wet-end .