SELLATAN® HAT Liq – High astringent tanning agent

Especially for tight and compact leather articles TFL launched a liquid astringent tanning agent with high tanning capacity. This new synthetic tanning agent helps to deal with challenging raw material quality to produce tight and compact leather articles. These special properties make the product unique in the TFL range.

As retanning agent for both chrome and chrome-free leathers it allows tanners to produce quality leathers with consistent result. It provides exceptional fullness with a tight, uniform grain break for shoe, handbag and automotive articles. Tight grain and fullness are prerequisites for excellent embossing results, optimising cutting yield.

High performer in terms of application and eco-tox profile

Concentrated syntans normally come in powder form, making automatic dosing difficult. In addition they significantly contribute to the salt in the waste water. Although being a liquid tanning agent, SELLATAN® HAT Liq can often replace powder syntans one to one.

The product is ideal for the production of tight and compact metal-free leathers. It is contributing extremely little to the formaldehyde content in the final leather. The low formaldehyde and phenol content and the minimal TDS contribution make SELLATAN® HAT Liq ideal for the TFL White Line Technology.