Product launch: BORRON® SCA

With BORRON® SCA, TFL launches an innovative solution to clean limed pelts.

Used in deliming and/or bating, BORRON® SCA supports the bating agent to effectively remove scud (the remains of hair and epidermis) from delimed pelts. Removed scud is then kept in suspension and is not re-absorbed by the grain. In addition, the product has a bleaching effect on hide pigment and any remaining epidermis. Another use is to clean dirty pre-tanned leather in wetting-black.

The product has a scavenging effect on Hydrogen Sulfide gas. This makes deliming, bating and pickling much safer for the workforce. Obnoxious sulfide and sulfite smells from above mentioned processes are reduced.

Pre-tanned hides excel in brightness, levelness and cleanliness. Crust based on these leathers stand out as being clean & level, thereby improving the selection for aniline and semi-aniline grades. The production of nubuck is also better facilitated.

BORRON® SCA is based on biodegradable components which are effective in the alkaline pH-range and predominantly originate from natural, sustainable raw material sources.