Launch: CORIPOL® GU - Garment & Upholstery fatliquor for pronounced softness

With CORIPOL® GU TFL launches a modern, sustainable fatliquor for soft leathers.

The new main fatliquor CORIPOL® GU features a strong softening effect with pleasant handle. With these characteristics, the product answers demands from the upholstery, garment, leather-goods and shoe upper markets.

Based on raw material from sustainable resources, the new chemistry in CORIPOL® GU meets the appropriate high standards for heat-yellowing, light-fastness, light-weight and odour.

CORIPOL® GU can be used alone or as the major component in fatliquor combinations. The product's emulsion is stable against chromium, syntans and vegetable extracts. It is suitable in re-chroming as well as in compact retanning processes with high electrolyte concentrations.

Ideal for all kind of soft leathers, CORIPOL® GU imparts an outstanding fluffy inner softness with a nourished surface touch. In addition the leathers support a uniform and fine milling pattern. On splits, apart from outstanding softness and a pleasant touch, it imparts an excellent writing effect. Articles are also light in weight because CORIPOL® GU is providing excellent softness, at a reasonably low offer.