Inauguration of upgraded polymer production plant in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil

On August 5th 2019 TFL celebrated the inauguration of its upgraded polymer production unit in Sao Leopoldo, Brazil.

Brian Watson – COO TFL Group – who was present at the inauguration ceremony was proud to be able to present the latest technology and automation for this production unit: all technical facilities have been replaced, and a new control centre as well as a complete distributed control system was put in place.

The new reactors and latest technology in process control enable automated production processes resulting in improved safety and efficiency of production unit and better monitoring of the quality parameters of the products manufactured.

During the inauguration, Brian Watson complemented TFL's Sao Leopoldo site team and the various contractor companies involved in the project for completing the upgrade project safely and on time even though the 5 months construction works had been very complex. The upgrade of the Polymer unit assures the customer a smooth supply of TFL's range of MAGNOPAL® and RODA® CRYL products manufactured with the highest standards regarding process safety and quality.