Wet salted hides and skins / brined hides - Hint 1

Wet-salting of fresh hides causes certain changes in the hide which need to be reversed when the hides are taken for processing. TFL proposes additives to the salt, and measures to ensure that the hide reverts to the original fully hydrated state when the process begins.

Wet salted hides and skins, i.e. hides or skins which have been treated by spreading with salt (NaCl) 25 - 40% on the green weight to displace water. Bacterial growth is slowed down by low moisture content and in high salt concentration. This method of preservation means the hides or skins may be stored for prolonged periods but some changes do occur within the stock during storage. These changes involve, among other things, the gradual breaking down of the hide protein structures and in particular the non-structured proteins.
Changes also occur with the time to the natural fats. The degree of change will depend on the time in salt and the temperature of storage. However, the most obvious problems with wet salted stock come from incorrect handling or storage.


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