Critical assistance to the soaking can be given by the choice of the correct soaking auxiliary. This not only speeds up the soaking process, but helps in removal of natural products in the hide which otherwise slow down the penetration of important process chemicals during the critical early stages of leather making.

TFL expertise has tailored specific auxiliaries to meet the needs of the tanner, focussing on the special needs of the individual types of raw material.

Agents specifically designed to aid or accelerate soaking may be chemical or enzymatic such as PELLVIT grades. Without doubt enzymatic soaking agents produced by suppliers well experienced in the field are the most effective way to soak and in particular to begin the removal of non structured proteins. When using enzymatic soaking agents such as PELLVIT grades the conditions of process in terms of pH, temperature and time must be closely adhered to for optimum results.

Enzymatic soaking is helpful when hides are heavily contaminated with dried on dung. Stains from dung, urine or / and blood etc. are also more effectively removed with enzyme soaking.

The PELLVIT range of soaking agents also contains non enzymatic soaking agents.


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