Raw hide preservation - Hair Slip

TFL's experience in combating bacteria is brought into play as soon as the hide is removed from the carcass. The auxiliaries mixed with the salt, and included in the bring solution, ensure that bacterial action is not evident as "Hair-Slip".

Hair Slip is initiated by:

  • Too long time period between flaying and salting.
  • Not chilling the hides or skins quickly enough after flaying.
  • Inadequate salting i.e. too little salt or uneven application of salt, this is sometimes caused by the wrong form of salt being used and the salt caking and not distributing evenly.
  • The salted stock being exposed to water e.g. rain or leaks which dilute the salt at the hide or skin surface.

This can result in hair slip caused by:

  • Bacterial action - often associated with grain damage. In extreme cases complete breakdown of hide / skin structure resulting in holes.
  • Autolytic action at hair root by the animals own enzyme system - generally not causing grain damage if not left for subsequent bacterial attack.


  • Beamhouse


  • Garment
  • Upholstery
  • Automotive
  • Shoe