Liming - Hint 4

Natural fat content of skin adversely affects liming, developing lime-soaps and preventing proper distribution of the beamhouse and tanning chemicals.

TFL has developed surfactants / emulsifiers to overcome this problem. The selection of the right surfactant or combination of surfactants for use in the liming process is important. The properties required are fat dissolving and fat emulsifying/dispersing properties. It is important the fat is not allowed to be deposited into the hair or grain and hinder subsequent diffusion of the liming media.

Excessive fat can cause problems in Hair Saving and hair pulping lime processes. Raw fat can contaminate hair to a point where the immunisation is impaired and very wet, sloppy hair is recovered during the HS process.

Calcium soaps formed during liming can prevent even penetration of liming liquors producing drawn areas on the pelt.


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