Soaking - Green and lime fleshing

The proper penetration of chemicals in the early processes is greatly helped by green and lime fleshing. TFL's technicians can show how this can reduce the effects of natural fat in later tanning processes.

Green fleshing of fresh hides gives a useful opportunity for weight selection. Green fleshing removes a lot of fat which can be useful on fatty hides but there is no doubt that lime fleshing has many quality advantages. Lime fleshing makes for flatter, cleaner hides or skins due to the scudding effect of the fleshing machine.

Fat and unbound lime is squeezed out at lime fleshing delime and pickle easier. The major disadvantages are that large amounts of toxic waste are produced, i.e. limed fleshing. This problem can be eased if the limed fleshing are processed to recover the fat (tallow) and protein. This process also results in dewatering considerably reducing bulk even if only the fat is recovered.


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