Raw hide preservation - Storage

Optimum conditions of storage should also prevent attack by insects and avoid the skins becoming damp. TFL proposes the use of the appropriate agents to conserve the hides in the best state of preservation.

In addition to the problems of poor flay, thorn and parasite damage, raw materials preserved by this method can also be attacked by insects and beetles etc. in storage. Some materials may have had some chemical surface treatment to deter insect attack e.g. naphthalene.

Problems can occur in storage if the goods are allowed to become damp, this will invite attack from mould and bacteria and the damp areas will quickly become putrefied and the structure destroyed.

Good Practice: Store dried raw material in a clean, cool and dry area. Process with ARACIT biocide in soak.


  • Beamhouse


  • Garment
  • Upholstery
  • Automotive
  • Shoe