Raw hide preservation - Greasy hides

Natural fat content of skin adversely affects later processing, degrading the quality and causing a great loss in value. TFL has developed strategies to overcome this problem.

Cattle from certain areas of the world and from certain types of feeding regimes produce hides with a very high fat content. This fat can be a major problem in liming and should be addressed in the soaking and pre-soaking processes with BORRON range of surfactants.

Excessive fat can also cause drawn areas in the limed pelt where fat or the calcium soaps formed have prevented equal penetration of the liming.

Good Practice: Green fleshing of fatty hides will remove a high proportion of the fat from the flesh side. When not green fleshing fat contained within the flesh and connective tissue can be partly removed by pre-scouring in the dirt soak and further dispersed in the main soak using BORRON range surfactants.


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