Raw hide preservation - excessive draw in the wet blue

The benefits of adequate soaking are sometimes overlooked in the rush to productivity. Removal of molecular species, which hinder uniform distribution of process chemicals, is a key objective. TFL stresses the importance of the choice of auxiliary and careful adjustment of process conditions.

Excessive draw in the wet-blue from fresh raw material is often caused by inadequate soaking - sometimes from the misguided idea that fresh hides / skins do not require soaking or require less soaking.
Non - structured proteins in the skin need to be removed if liming is to be efficient and soft mellow leathers produced. These non-structured proteins are partly broken down by salting but in the case of fresh material remain strongly intact.

Good Practice: Soak well using a biocide ARACIT together with suitable surfactant BORRON and enzyme soaking agent PELLVIT.


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