Liming - Hint 2

Lime swelling has to be controlled and at the same time, the fibres of the corium must be separated. TFL has a balanced system of auxiliaries to achieve this.

The use of swell regulating liming agents e.g. ERHAVIT, will produce a gentle swelling action and at the same time produce a cleaner, finer grain. Lime solubility is improved and the overall results are flatter, cleaner pelts well opened up and yielding increased area.

In the ERHAVIT product range is a special enzymatic product, ERHAVIT DMC, to assist in accelerating the liming and producing a well open fibre structure plus an exceptionally flat and clean grain in a shorter liming time.

ERHAVIT products are available to enable Hair Saving processes, see also environmental issues.

Good Practice: Liming processes using sodium hydrosulphide or combinations of hydrosulphide (hydrosulphide has the added benefit of increasing the solubility of lime) and sodium sulphide together with swell regulating agents plus surfactants from the BORRON range. In addition to controlling alkali, swelling ERHAVIT type products reduce the offer requirements of sulphide.


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