Delime and bating - Toxic gases (bating)

Bating involves enzymatic attack especially against no-leather making proteins in the skin. TFL shows how to make use of this powerful, natural tool in adjusting the leather's elasticity and softness and uniformity of later processes.

WARNING - Deliming, bating and pickling processes can release toxic gases - Ammonia or hydrogen sulphides and the appropriate respiratory projective equipment must be worn.

Bating is a very necessary process to remove scud and residual protein debris from the grain prior to pickling and thus preventing the fixation of this material back on to the grain and causing unlevelled dyeing. Bating is also very important in producing an elastic grain and modified fibre structures conductive to the production of mellow leathers. Problems arise due to incorrect selection of bate type, poor temperature control and incorrect running times, pH conditions etc.


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