Delime and bating - Time in bate

Patience, as well as productivity, are considerations in bating. Enzymes are natural catalysts for chemical chance that require time to perform their functions. TFL experience shows the optimum time for the tanner's specific process objectives.

Time in bate is another control factor and can range from 30 minutes to as much as 4 - 5 hours for pig or goat skins. When bating large loads of small skins such as sheep or goats consideration must be given to the time required for the bating agent to reach all the surface area of the load, at least 20 minutes should be allowed for this. This distribution efficiency in the process vessel is very important and is a function of the carrier used in the bate blending. There is no substitute for physical inspection of the bated goods and this should be done regularly to check that the bating process is performing effectively.


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