Delime and bating - pH conditions for bating

Practical results show the relation between pH of the bating liquor, and the enzyme selected. TFL takes special care to recommend that the process is adjusted to achieve the best bating action. This includes recommending the measures when CO2-deliming is used.

pH of the bating process should be between 8.0 - 9.0 (see also acid range bates OROPON BRS, DVP and WB for special processing) and this pH should be maintained during the whole bating process. The pH should be checked to make sure residual alkali from the centre of the pelt is not causing the pH to rise during the running period (see pH activity curve for OROPON pancreatic based bates). CO2 deliming gives lower pH values and OROPON W covers this pH range but in practice given correct temperature and time conditions very often the standard bates works well. When trying CO2 delime it may be best to retain your standard bate before making too many chances to your process.


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