Application methods in the finishing

In the last years the development of machine technology has radically changed the traditional application of finishing products.

Once, applications with pads, sponges and air pressured spray guns were standard, while nowadays, although manual work has not completely disappeared, the tendency is to rationalise as much as possible the finishing processes in order to save time and products, while simultaneously reducing emissions in the atmosphere.

The spray technology has considerably progressed with the introduction of the AIRLESS, AIRMIX and HVLP (high volume, low pressure) systems, which, obtaining the same results, allow a drastic reduction of products used and a smaller number of applications. Further improvements are expected by the development of an electrostatic spray system, currently under consideration.

Remarkable progress has been achieved with the use of the technology of through feed cylinder application, which has almost completely eliminated product waste.


  • Finishing


  • Upholstery
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