OROPON® M-range

Ecological bating agents to maximise cutting yield

The old saying “leather is made in the beamhouse” we cab add that hides are often downgraded druing beamhouse operations due to cost saving exercises.
The raw hide being the highest cost part in leather making forces tanners to maximise the usable area of a hide.
TFL can help tanners to make more profit and to optimise the useable area of leather while enhancing the leather’s natural elegance and attraction.
We have developed two new pancreatic enzymes that gently slacken the hide structure and allow deep bating without loosening of the flanks. They are especially designed to achieve the best area yield whilst keeping the grain fine and tight.

To make the use easier TFL has developed two bates with specific requirements for typical leather articles with different profile:

OROPON® MS Gran – For soft leather

Engineered for nappa leather-types providing a very good inner softness. Gives a fine and soft, yet tight and elastic grain.

OROPON® MT Gran – For firm leather

Optimised for firmer leather-types. Facilitates a fine, tight and elastic grain with good enamel.

Both bates clean the grain and loosen scud very well. Thanks to their unique granulate trading form, operators can handle OROPON® MS gran. and OROPON® MT gran. very safely as they experience minimal exposure to dust.
Moreover the OROPON® M-range is ecological compatible as they are free of ammonium salts. Ideally, they are used together with ammonium-free or, low-ammonium containing deliming systems.

For further information please contact the Competence Center Wet-end