Maximise your cutting yield

TFL can help tanners to make more profit by increasing the useable area of leather. Most tanneries nowadays have to deal with poor hide and skin quality causing problems with grain tightness, fullness of flanks as well as with mechanical strength of leather. This reduces the tanner’s profatibility and lowers the general quality image of leather at the consumer’s end.

Cutting yield is defined by the 3 following factors:

  • Area (square footage)
  • Area which has most uniform grain break, softness, fullness
  • Area with minimum amount of surface defects

Tailor-made systems from TFL increase your competitive edge by maximising the cutting yield.

The right products in Beamhouse: Pamper your valuable raw hides right from the process start

PELLVIT® IS-A – salt free, multifunctional soaking agent for fuller flanks.
It stabilizes belies and flanks against mechanical impact in soaking and lining, thus making the m fuller and tighter in order to maximise the usable area.
In addition, it reduces swlling in the liming process and gives less draw and growth marks, which also results in an improved area yield.

ERHAVIT® FA – liming agent free of amines optimizing relaxation and grain cleaning
The product optimizes the layout without compromising tightness and fullness, by relaxing and opening-up the hides and skins, without making them loose. It effectively minimizes seasonal short hair and hair roots, making it ideal for the Hair-Save liming process.

OROPON® M–range - ammonium-free bating agents to maximise the cutting yield

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The right products in Wet-end: Maximise the cutting yield in the retanning process, too

SELLASOL® FTF – formaldehyde scavenger and economical filling agent
It imparts fullness and roundness to the leather whilst maintaining a tight grain and providing maximum cutting yield.

CORIPOL® SBL – anionic fatliquor with engineered instability for shoe upper and leather goods
The product combines excellent tightness with good inner softness providing leathers with a full, round and pleasant handle. Moreover, it supports good dyeability and has good buffing properties.

MAGNOPAL® SFT-F – soft, filling and grain-tightening polymer
It imparts a good filling effect, particularly in the loose structured areas, and supports the print retention very well.

MAGNOPAL® SFT-F has a positive effect on dye levelness with very little shade weakening.

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The right products in Finishing: Minimise the cut-off with an excellent finishing system

TFL has been pioneering upgrading technologies by bringing modern ecological coating technology with reverse roller coating and innovative chemistry together to develop the TFL TopCare® System. It helps tanners to produce top quality leather from low quality crust in order to enhance the cutting yield.

The TFL TopCare® System provides

  • Better leveling on the whole leather surface and improved covering with less base coat add-on
  • Better colour uniformity

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