Unhairing with significant reduction of sulfide.

Take the next step to an eco-friendly Beamhouse.

The use of sulfides has always been the preferred way of unhairing in leather makingdespite problematic side effects such as bad odour, possible toxic gas release and safety issuesin storage & handling.

Alternatives to replace sulfide have failed so far. In case of proteolytic enzymes it is the lack ofselectiveness and in case of oxidative techniques the control of swelling and hide opening up whichare still posing a challenge.

New solution from TFL: PELLVIT® LSS & ERHAVIT® LSU

TFL believes leather is a unique product and our mission therefore is to develop products which help tanners making leathers of highest possible quality in a most ecological way. We proudly introduce the new soaking product PELLVIT® LSS and the new liming product ERHAVIT® LSU. The two products, which work in a synergistic way, substantially reduce the environmental impact of the unhairing process along with the possibility of producing leather with a maximum useable area and quality.

The major benefits of this innovative low sulfide unhairing technology are:

  • Ecology
    Signifcant reduction of sulfide, sludge, COD and nitrogen in wastewater.
  • Safety
    Lower risk of H2S creation due to reduced carry-over of sulfide to pickle float.
  • Product Design
    Products are readily biodegradable and free of hazardous and restricted substances.
  • Performance
    Clean well laid out hides with full flanks as an excellent base for maximum useable area (cutting yield).

Innovative soaking agent to optimise unhairing

PELLVIT® LSS is an innovative soaking agent that effectively performs the soaking of all kinds of hides and skins without having a negative effect on the integrity of bellies and flanks. At the same time the product improves the access of sulfide to the hair root in such a way that a low sulfide Hair Save unhairing process (as well as Hair Burn process) can be applied without hair-root and fine-hair problems. These properties are the base for proper unhairing with significantly reduced sulfide offer.

Brand new enzymatic unhairing auxiliary

ERHAVIT® LSU is a completely new, unique enzymatic unhairing and liming auxiliary. It is the ideal partner for PELLVIT® LSS to optimally support the unhairing effect of sulfide. The product weakens the epidermis and the pre-keratin of the hair-root selectively thus supporting fine-hair removal and cleanliness, particularly in a Hair Save process. Opening-up of the hide-structure as well as the breakdown of proteoglycans and glycoproteins are promoted by the novel enzyme, ensuring a proper layout. Due to the selective character of ERHAVIT® LSU, grain, bellies and flanks are well ’protected’.