Performance, comfort and appearance are the keynotes for state-of-the-art waterproofing with the TFL DRYWALK TEC. The optimised combination of fatliquor and polymer meets the highest demands for both water repellency and leather quality. Use of the TFL DRYWALK TEC allows leather to be created that promises wellness for your feet in every weather situation.

TFL DRYWALK® TEC - Wellness for your feet

The TFL DRYWALK TEC is a synergistic system of the following high performance products:

DRYWALK® FAT – High performance waterproofing

  • Main waterproofing fatliquor
  • High effect also if used alone
  • Excellent softening effect.
  • Silky touch

DRYWALK® POL – High performance waterproofing

  • Waterproofing polymer
  • Highly effective in combination with DRYWALK® FAT
  • Makes leather tighter and less soft
  • Imparts a typical silky polymer touch

The following products also form part of the TFL high performance waterproofing range:

DRYWALK® IN – Waterproofing agent with softening power Fatliquoring and waterproofing agent for chrome tanned and combination tanned leathers

  • Fatliquoring and waterproofing agent for chrome tanned and combination tanned leathers
  • Combines outstanding softening properties with good water resistance and low specific weight
  • Suitable for application to washable leathers by appropriate technology

DRYWALK® SIL – Special silicone-based auxiliary for waterproofing & handle modification

  • Highly concentrated silicone emulsion which promotes high water resistance and improves water spotting and wicking properties
  • In addition, it can improve shade intensity on suede and nubuck and imparts an elegant and smooth handle

DRYWALK® WAS 1- Waterproofing agent for firm and tight leather

  • Waterproofing agent for chrome tanned and combination tanned leathers
  • Delivers good tightness and high Bally penetrometer values
  • Suitable for both dyed and white leathers, depending on waterproofing performance and degree of softness require.

The TFL DRYWALK TEC helps you to make many kinds of waterproof leather easily while still achieving a pleasant, silky touch. The homogeneous distribution of the TFL DRYWALK TEC components promotes outstanding dyeability and levelness in both penetration and top-dyeing.


For further information please contact Florian Doeppert .