Motorbike suits /garments

No more sweltering in leather garments!

Motorcyclists are enthusiastic about cool leather produced using the unique TFL COOL TEC. Dark cool leathers reflect sunlight in the same way as light coloured leathers.
The advantage: the temperature of the leather surface is reduced by up to 20°C.

Even if you are standing in the blazing sun, inside your leather suit temperatures stay cool.

Infrared Image

The image shows clearly the cooler TFL leather on the right part of the jacket.

The traditional left part of the jacket is about 20°C warmer.

COOL for cars

Recent more elaborate testing has shown that COOL leathers can also significantly reduce the interior temperature in normal cars.

If the whole interior features sun reflective technology, the inside temperature is lowered by about 10°C on black colours.

Under given conditions this temperature difference will persist without decreasing over time!

The new findings lead to the following benefits:

  • Improved inside temperature and comfort in the car
  • Temperature reduction up to 10°C
  • Energy saving
  • More relaxed driving

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