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Imagine riding your motorbike on a hot summer’s day and your leather suit makes the heat unbearable.

TFL has found the solution for a cool bike ride. Leather, which employs the TFL COOL TEC does not absorb rays in the NIR (near infrared radiation) but reflects them instead. As a consequence especially darker surfaces will heat up much less.

The TFL COOL TEC is the first system offered to the leather industry, which is able to restrict the rise of temperature on the leather surface when coloured leather is exposed to sun radiation.

The most signifi cant effect can be reached with black and darkshades, where the temperature reduction can be up to 25°C.

Feel free - be COOL

The system is based on a sun reflective technology where energy is reflected in the invisible part of the solar spectrum. That means black COOL leathers reflect the sunlight like white coloured ones.

  • Much less heating up of dark leathers
  • The temperature on black leathers stays up to 20°C lower
  • Improved thermal comfort
  • Enables new ideas for fashion articles (lightweight black leather garment for summer designs)


How does the TFL COOL TEC work?

The TFL Cool Tec is based on practical physics. Dark colours absorb radiation from the sun and therefore heat up more strongly than light colours, which reflect up to 95% of the light energy and thus remain cooler. More


TFL COOL TEC – Branding opportunities
TFL supports its customers with individual branding tools, e.g. customised hang tags to label the leather or textile labels to insert in the final leather product. More

Learn more about the technology, testimonials as well as the TFL COOL TEC especially for motorbikes and cars.

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