MAGNOPAL IPR - The softening & filling retanning agent.

The family grows.

In 2013 TFL launched the innovative filling agent MAGNOPAL® IPF which is now used in many different applications from the pickle, through retanning to finishing. It soon became clear that the technology used in MAGNOPAL® IPF offers new possibilities that can be the basis for further innovative filling and retanning products.

Let’s welcome All-round M and his MAGNOPAL® IPR.

TFL is pleased to introduce this new member of the “innovative polymeric family” to you. But not only our company is delighted about the increase – Agent M, the filling specialist is happy to have a new friend. Please welcome All-round M – our little helper to simplify your wet-end processes by reducing the amount of traditional softening and fatliquoring agents. MAGNOPAL® IPR combines a marked softening effect, based on selected oils, with the retanning effect of a soft acrylic polymer and the unique filling effect of special hollow spheres.

  • Provides a pronounced and even filling and retanning effect across the whole structure of hides and skins.
  • Imparts a soft, light-weight filling and retanning effect with zero formaldehyde contribution.
  • Simplifies your wet-end application recipes by reducing the amount of traditional softening, retanning & filling agents used.