TFL Anti-soiling

The solution to keep your car seat bright and clean

Less staining –improved cleanability

Car interiors are becoming more and more individualised and designers have increasingly selected leathers in light colours, such as off-white, light-grey and beige and combined with a high degree of matting. It is exactly these kinds of leathers that are of high concern regarding their tendency to get soiled:

“Soiling can be considered the single biggest reason for claims on car leather“

OEM manufacturers have responded by creating numerous soiling tests, such as:

  • BMW staining behaviour and cleanability (AA-0419)
  • Toyota stain resistance test (TSL5101G)
  • Jaguar Land Rover soiling test (TPJLR 52.211)
  • Volvo soiling test (85000145)
  • Volkswagen soiling behaviour (PV 3968)

How to make your leather seats look good, for longer?

Nature demonstrates the importance of surfacemorphology for TFL Anti-soling / self-cleaning(“Lotus-effect”). In leather finishing we have to avoid sharp silica particles with porous, cavity-likesurface structures which attract soil and dirt tobe deposited in the top layer.

It’ s all about surface morphology!

New surface morphology designto reduce top coat roughness

RODA® Fix 5040 Dull combined with RODA® Car Dull 92/N are providing a smooth, continuous film - the perfect top coat layer for easy care features. But only the addition of carefully selected touch modifiers makes the top coat system work. RODA® Feel SR 5086; RODA® Feel S 5796; RODA® Feel S 768/N complement each other and provide excellent anti-soiling results when applied in three separate top coat layers.

Volvo soiling test (85000145)


  • 1000 cycles
  • Load 795g
  • Textile: EMPA 128


  • After soiling: 4/5
  • (Datacolor ISO 105 A03)

Hand cleaning

  • RODA® Clean 01


  • After 24h resting and cleaning: 5 (Datacolor ISO 105 A03)