Innovative LeatherLike materials for the shoes of the future

Sustainable coatings solutions from TFL

TFL HYDRO PU stands for innovative LeatherLike materials providing the elegance of genuine leather in the most authentic way

LeatherLike materials which are produced with TFL HYDRO PU technology do not require the wet-coagulation-process of traditional PU-Leather

  • No use of harmful solvents like DMF or toluene
  • Reduced consumption of water and energy
  • TFL HYDRO PU chemistry guarantees the processing under safest conditions to workers and environment
  • One-step-coating process allows highest transparency in the Supply Chain

Moreover, TFL chemicals guarantee compliance with the ZDHC-MRSL list as well as with REACHand all EU directives and major national and international regulations.

TFL is a member of:

  • Leather Working Group
  • ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals)
  • CADS (Coorporation at DSI)

This is part of TFL’s ambitious product stewardship strategy, which is to offer safe chemical products to customers and to give excellent advice on their safe use to protect employees, public health and the environment.

Best performance for high-class end articles

TFL Hydro PU technology meets highest performance standards regarding breathability, surface resistance and robustness. Water-based PU technology guarantees trouble-free processing and consumer-safe end products.

Endless design options with the feel and touch of real leather

With a long history in leather making and as one of the market leaders in leather chemicals, TFL knows how the look and feelof leather should be. TFL Hydro PU technology allows any design option and enables our customers to combine the appearanceof LeatherLike materials and finest high-class leather.