Get lean on your wet-white re-tanning

A new approach for the processing of wet-white leather

Main challenges of FOC Wet-end technology:

  • COD values of effluent >> very high
  • Physical strength >> seasonal variations
  • Substance control >> uncontrolled plumping
  • Perspiration fastness >> weak on perforated leathers

Integrate TANNESCO® CPR Liq into your FOC technology to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Lower COD load in your effluent by improving the exhaustion of products offered
  • Enhance the physical strength by reducing the amount of syntans and vegetable extracts
  • Reduce plumping significantly by stabelising the fibre structure
  • Enhanced perspiration fastness by allowing an improved dyestuff fixation

Experience TANNESCO® CPR Liq to discover lean FOC technology