The versatile tanning agent for white & brilliant leathers

Innovative mineral tanning agent TANNESCO® CPR Liq is a special, masked zirconium complex offering technical solutions as a capping agent, pre-tanning and re-tanning agent. It reacts mildly when compared to chromium & aluminium sulfate and the extremely acidic zirconium sulfate. All these mineral salts offer specific features and benefits to the leather industry; but they also come with side effects which seem to become more and more dominant in today’s increasingly regulated industry.

TANNESCO® CPR Liq offers a toxilogical and environmental alternative when tight grain articles withexcellent dye ability are required.

The fields of applications hardly have limitations:

Used as a capping agent:

  • excellent, reliable waterproofing performance
  • leathers are firm and dyeings are bright and intense
  • no additional chromium sulfate added to the effluent
  • final pH of capping bath doesn‘t need adjustment

Used in the pre-tanning of small skins:

  • technical & environmentally sound alternative to aldehyde and aluminium pre-tanning
  • snow-white and brilliantly dyed articles
  • washable and waterproof articles
  • soft and tight articles

Applied in the re-tanning:

  • tightening and firming of wet blue – and wet white – based articles
  • brilliant and intense shades compared to chromium re-tanning
  • excellent ecological / toxicologial profile versus chromium and aluminum re-tanning

General benefits of TANNESCO® CPR Liq

  • TFL ECO TEC product and application
  • leathers that attract the eye
  • articles you want to feel and touch
  • product easy to apply