The TFL WHITE LINE TEC has been continuously developed and fine-tuned over many years since its introduction.

Despite the technical evolution with regards to consistency and quality of final leather, the main active tanning products are still SELLATAN® CF new and more recently, SELLATAN® WL-G. Both products are based on modified glutaraldehyde (GA) technology.

The majority of TFL WHITE LINE TEC leathers are pre-tanned with modified glutardialdehyde. Although GA as such is a hazardous chemical it can be handled in a safe way eliminating risks to workers and the environment. GA is a reactive molecule and the reaction is completed by basifying after pre-tanning, resulting in excellent exhaustion. Any possible residual amounts of GA will react with the proteins present in the process float without impacting the efficiency of the waste water treatment.

GA pre-tanning does not contribute to free aldehyde readings in the final leather and there are no hidden post-reaction effects in the later processes and product life cycle.