Leather Working Group LWG

We are happy to announce that TFL has become a member of the Leather Working Group LWG. This group is a platform consisting of various companies such as Tanners, Brands, Suppliers and the BLC to assure that leather is ecologically produced. The BLC in England makes respective audits and grants awards. For further details please have a look at Leather Working Group or BLC Leather Tech .

The EU leather and tanning industry and sustainable development

The European Commission´s Enterprise Directorate General, in collaboration with the leather and tanning social partners, organized a conference which took stock of the European leather and tanning industry´s progress towards sustainable development. It examined in more detail the objectives and strategies towards achieving the goal of sustainability in its three dimensions: economic, environmental and social. The implications of EU enlargement for the sector were also discussed. More

The new EU chemicals policy and its consequences for leather producers

The central instrument of the new European chemicals policy (EU White Paper) is to be the REACh system, which stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals and will apply to both existing and new substances. The system imposes on chemicals producers, preparation formulators and users in both trade and industry sweeping obligations to furnish proof and documentation, the aim being to improve safety for both humans and the environment in connection with the handling of chemicals.

International Material Data System

The automotive industry require their suppliers to create a material data sheet for the automotive components (eg leather) they deliver. This has to be in an electronic form and is integrated into the International Material Data System (IMDS). More