TFL Quinn India Pvt. Ltd. is modernising its warehouse in Hyderabad

The warehouse in Hyderabad having a size of 5’500 m2 in total is undergoing a complete renovation. In a first step the entire roof was replaced by a new one made of coated metal sheets. In a second step, which is partially already completed, the floor will be reconstructed with a suitable concrete material and finally new racks will be installed.

Some months ago new offices for the warehouse have already been inaugurated. Now they are more functional and spacious and better adapted to the increased input of raw materials and output of finished goods.

In May 2015, TFL Quinn India Pvt. Ltd. reached an export record of export of 400 tons/month from Hyderabad.

The first part of the modernisation has been completed and the whole process will be finished by the end of March 2016.

By this action, TFL Quinn India Pvt. Ltd. made a further step to serve our local customers in the best possible way.