TFL presentation at "Freiberger Ledertage"

TFL Group will hold a presentation at the "Freiberger Ledertage" 2018 from June 13th-14th in Freiberg, Germany. Florian Döppert, Head of Wet-end screening, will talk on low impact tanning technologies. The work will point out how the introduction of non-toxic cationic tanning agents in the Wet-end process forchromium-free leathers create new options for reducing the total amount of synthetic and natural tanningagents.

Application trials showed that leathers with better hydrothermal fastness properties and reduced plumping of the substance can be produced while at the same time maintaining or even improving the physical properties.

At the same time a significant reduction of the waste water load could also be achieved, evidenced by anoticeable reduction in COD and TDS values and an improved biodegradability.

For any further information please contact:

Florian Döppert
Technial Centre Wet-end
Phone: +41 62 553 4895