TFL present at the ACLE 2015 with many innovations

The TFL MAGNOPAL® filling family grows. After the very successful launch of MAGNOPAL® IPF last year, TFL presents a new all-rounder product based on the same innovative polymeric filling technology.

MAGNOPAL® IPR combines a pronounced filling effect with softening and some retanning features. It helps to simplify the wet-end process by reducing the amount and number of traditional softening, retanning & filling agents necessary. Leathers produced with this polymeric retanning agent feature good heat-resistance, lightfastness and very good hydrolysis properties.

MAGNOPAL® IPR can be used to produce a wide range of leathers based on wetblue or wet-white, from soft articles to firmer types everything is possible. It is free of formaldehyde and does not contain chemical substances which are restricted by any major chemical regulation.

In addition TFL is presenting its latest solutions regarding Low Impact Beamhouse and Tanning. This comprises products and technologies to lower the environmental impact coming from COD/BOD, ammonium and nitrogen as well as from salt and chromium. Along with this we show new articles made with our successful chromefree WHITE LINE® tanning technology.

Especially for the Automotive sector TFL is showing two interesting new products: CORIPOL® ESU – a high performing fatliquoring agent ideal for soft articles and with excellent heat and light fastness properties; as well as CORIPOL® AV- a very versatile fatliquor with outstanding emulsifying properties and best price performance ratio.

To find out more about our brand new all-rounder MAGNOPAL® IPR and the other exciting solutions, visit us at our booth B23 in exhibition hall E3 at the ACLE 2015 in Shanghai.

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