TFL decides not to attend the ACLE fair in Shanghai

The Covid-19 crisis is still challenging the world and our business in particular. The unpredictable situation and the way the virus is spread have led to travel restrictions and a strict physical distancing. To conduct the upcoming ACLE fair respecting all measures and restrictions is a huge challenge and cannot fully guarantee the safety of our customers, business partners and employees. Therefore, TFL has decided to refrain from participating to the ACLE fair in Shanghai, China, in 2020. The health and wellbeing of our customers, business partners and employees is our first priority.

The ACLE fair attracts people from all over the world and meetings take place in a tight space. An ideal spot to turn into a major hub for spreading the virus. Even by respecting all restrictions such as physical distancing, the wearing of masks etc. it is unlikely that we can prevent the virus from spreading. We therefore welcome our customers in smaller groups at their places or at our sites to ensure the wellbeing of us all. We trust you to understand our decision to make safety a priority while striving to support the industry throughout and beyond the Covid-19 crises. Constantly, we are doing our utmost to keep our employees and business partners safe and healthy, while working very hard to offer excellent service to our customers during this difficult time as well.

We will keep in touch with our customers and organise individual meetings to exchange and present the latest technologies of TFL's Great Chemicals.Excellent Advice. during the fair period.