CORIPOL® LEO - Low Emission & Odour Optimized Automotive Fatliquor SELLA® Tec DEO - Auxiliary with Odour Absorbing Effect

Automotive leathers can be a significant source of emissions which might affect the interior air quality and therefore the comfort and health of drivers and passengers.

The pleasant odour of a new car can be decisive for the success of automotive models. If the smell of a car interior is irritating, it takes away all positive sensory impressions, no matter how exclusive these might be. In the hierarchy of comfort, smell is the foundation of well-being.

TFL has developed two new products able to optimise odour, VOC & fogging emissions without negatively affecting fastness properties and leather characteristics.

The new automotive fatliquor CORIPOL® LEO fulfils the current requirements of VDA 270*. Due to its composition the product can prevent the oxidation of natural fat and grease. CORIPOL® LEO offers the best in class fogging and low emission properties. Thus, with this new fatliquoring agent it is possible to fulfil the latestemission requirements and achieve outstanding leather quality with improved odour.

The washing and fixing aid SELLA® Tec DEO has an excellent odour absorbing effect. It can help to minimize theodour caused by the degradation of proteins and the resulting formation of amines and thiols. SELLA® Tec DEO is recommended to be used in the last washing bath, with a rather low float level.

* VDA 270 is the most commonly used odour test method for many OEM`s

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Markus Hess
Product Marketing, Technical Center Wet-End
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