CORIPOL® ESU – Fatliquoring Agent for all Soft Articles, especially Automotive

Increased specifications from the automotive sector on heat and light fastness, especially regarding prolonged heat fastness on FOC leathers, become quite challenging for the fatliquor used in the wet end process. Furthermore, there is a trend towards firmer, tighter and more compact automotive leather.

With CORIPOL® ESU, TFL now offers a fatliquor which is able to meet the above demands of the automotive leather manufacturers. It is ideal for producing soft articles with a silky handle, good grain tightness and a uniform milling pattern. Leathers show not only excellent light and heat fastness on both wet-blue and FOC leathers, but are also low fogging.

CORIPOL® ESU features a low specific weight, neutral odour and good electrolyte stability. It can be used alone or in combination with other suitable fatliquoring products to make a variety of soft articles either from wet-blue or wet-white pelts. Leather also has good and uniform dyeability.

CORIPOL® ESU exhausts well by acidification of the fatliquor bath which helps to reduce COD and BOD values of tannery waste water. The product does not contain substances which are restricted or regulated by any major chemical regulation.

For further information please contact Jan-Tiest Pelckmans, Corporate Product Marketing Manager Wet-end:

Phone: +33 38 989 57 44