Business News October 2017

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More than 1,200 visitors at the ANWR Second

The ANWR Second in Mainhausen attracted more than 1,200 specialist visitors during the three fair days. 210 brands focusing on Basic, Wellness, Outdoor and Kids presented their collections for spring/summer 2018. The ranges of products present in the six fair halls were completed with information about future topics from ANWR: from data-analytics to dynamic pricing to logistics services. For the first time present were the brands Coqui, Fiamme, Footi and Bundgaard. They stand for sporty and trendy lady shoes as well as for children’s shoes with Nordic designs. ANWR draws a very positive conclusion after the Second and thus two season fairs in Mainhausen. At both fairs, more than 2,000 specialist visitors have dealt with the trends, informed themselves and placed orders. With two more fairs for the spring/summer 2018 season coming to Mainhausen, it is chief executive Fritz Terbuyken’s top priority to use the limit methodically and consider more strongly the sales periods, that the ANWR addresses for the first time in November with the new fair format ANWR Order. The future forum PopUp serves as flexible continuation of the ANWR-Future Forum 2016 that is being used at the fairs ANWR Shoe and Sport 2000 to present individual future topics and the progress of implementation. The format premiered at the ANWR Second.

Deichmann new market leader in Austria

Deichmann has taken over the market leadership in Austria. As the market research institute RegioData informed, the German shoe retailer has replaced the decade-long market leader Leder & Schuh with its concepts Humanic and Shoe4You. Even in 2016 both enterprises had equal market shares of 20 percent each. Next were the associated group ANWR Garant (11 percent), Ringschuh (8) and GMS (5) as well as the chain stores Salamander (4), Vögele (3) and Reno (2). In 2016 the Austrian shoe-retailing sector achieved a plus in turnover of 1.9 percent after six years of stagnation. In total, roughly 1.6 billion Euros were spent on shoes of which roughly 1.3 billion Euros in the shoe trade. The rest was spent in the online trade or other stationary distribution channels like the textile trade.

Skechers stays on record course

US shoe brand Skechers stays on its record course. In the first half year, the turnover rose by 13 percent and thus topped the two billion Dollar level for the first time (2.099 billion). In the second quarter the growth has even accelerated with a plus of 16.9 percent. The growth is mainly pushed by the international expansion. The international wholesale (+18.6%) as well as the retail business (+28%) grew above average. In total Skechers sold 11.4 percent more shoes in the first six months. However, the average price per pair fell by 4.5 percent.

Ecco presents transparent leather

Ecco has opened its new flagship store in the Tauentzienstrasse 18A next to the KaDeWe close to the Ku’damm. On 90 square metres the store offers a range of goods specifically designed for the flagship. Among them are limited pieces from lifestyle, golf and performance sector for women and men. The store is equipped with the new prime concept with Scandinavian flair. At the opening of the new flagship store Ecco presented an absolute world first: transparent

Cowhide leather. It is being manufactured by the manufacture belong to the company Ecco Leather located in Dongen (Netherlands). Sruli Recht, Creative Director and Manger of the Ecco Leather Project transferred the innovation to Fashion Styles and Shoes. Transparent products have so far been possible with clearly smaller hides from goats and sheep. The leather was transparent, however, hard and cavernous like parchment. As well it mustn’t get wet. The leather by Ecco is the first soft and transparent cowhide leather that is stable and flexible and that protects against humidity. “The technology to keep the leather soft is and remains a company secret”, Sruli Recht says. The colour range is based on natural amber, transparent green, black, brown-orange, bone-white and blood red. Theoretically, however, any colour is possible.

CCC stays on record course

The Polish shoe retailer CCC S.A. has achieved a growth in turnover of 35.6 percent in the first eight months of 2017 and turned over more than 577 million Euros. In the whole year of 2016 it were roughly 750 million Euros. Continuously rapid are the turnover growths in the e-commerce that rose by 125.6 percent compared to the same period of previous year and it is already being operated in ten countries. End of June, CCC S.A., whose shares are listed on the Warsaw stock exchange, operated roughly 900 stores in 16 countries. On 21st September the enterprise opened its biggest Slovenian shop so far in the shopping mall Qlandia in Kranj featuring 805 square metres.

Sneaker boom brings growth to German shoe industry

The turnover of the German shoe industry has significantly increased in the first five months of 2017. The positive development is mainly due to the strong domestic business and the sneaker boom. From January to May 2017, turnovers of the German shoe manufacturers rose by 6.9 percent compared to the same period of previous year. Thus the total turnover for the first five months amounted to 1.255 billion Euros. The strong growth is due to a few manufacturers and the hype in the sneakers and sport shoes sector. Up until May 2017, the domestic business grew especially with a growth of 8.1 percent to 989 million Euros in the domestic turnover. Thus, the German shoe industry still realises three quarters of its turnovers in Germany. The foreign business achieves 265 million Euros. This corresponds to a plus of 3.1 percent. In total there are still roughly 80 companies that industrially manufacture shoes in Germany. They are manufacturing 31 million pairs of shoes, i.e. 5.4 percent less than in previous year. Nevertheless, the shoe production in Germany is clearly above the figures five years ago. Looking at the segments, we can see that street shoes and sandals for women and men show two-digit declines in the production, while the production of sneakers virtually shoots upwards with a 25 percent growth. The very dominant transfer of the production focus mirrors the continuing customer demand for sports shoes and sneakers.

Premiere of the Gallery Shoes exceeds all expectations

Hardly ever has a shoe fair been anticipated with so much excitement as the new Dusseldorf Gallery Shoes that premiered in the Böhler area as the successor of the traditional GDS from 27th to 29th August. The results exceed expectations by far. Despite the traffic jams and long queues at the visitor’s registration, all industry halls experienced a fast spreading almost exuberant optimism. Even the weather played along during the three fair days and contributed to the relaxed atmosphere in the old industry halls. Catering zones and lounge areas outdoor also contributed to the good mood. With roughly 9,200 specialist visitors, for the first time the figures of the fair firstly organised by the Igedo Company, have not quite reached those of the last GDS, however, on the compact fair area this had rather a different impact hat in the big halls of the Dusseldorf fair. More than 500 international brands from 16 countries were present at the Gallery. “We are relieved by this consistent feedback from the branch”, Ulrike Kähler, Project Director of the Gallery Shoes, summarises. “We have set the stable foundation stone in a bare six months of hard work in all sectors. A perfect starting point to continue working to attract more international specialist buyers, mainly from Northern Europe.”