Business News June 2017

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Essenz announces dates

Essenz, the shoe fair, has announced its dates for the next two venues. This autumn, the fair will again take simultaneously place to the Moda made in Italy in the Zenithhall and the coalbunker on the Zenith area in Munich. Next spring the Essenz will be staged from the 25th to 27th March 2018.

Portugal’s shoe exports further on the increase

The Portuguese shoe industry is gaining momentum. In the first quarter turnovers rose by 8.9 percent. From January to March, Portugal exported 24 million pairs of shoes worth 535 million Euros. Should this trend continue it would be the eight-year in succession with rising export turnovers. Exports to Germany during this period rose by 14.1 percent to 95 million Euros.

Zapato starts Jette shoe collection

Since March 2017, designer Jette Joop has found a new business partner in the shoe sector with the Zapato Europe Ltd. The market introduction of the new Jette shoe collection is planned for the autumn/winter season of this year and will comprise ladies ankle boots and sneakers. The North German Zapato Europe Ltd based in Neumunster is a subsidiary of the ISA Traesko Ltd and has been active for thirty years. It is a national and international shoe producer with locations in Europe and Asia. The production amounts to more than 30 million pairs of shoes yearly for the stationary and distance trade and covers all product categories. Jette Joop is currently featuring the product segments Jewellery & Time, Fashion & Accessories, Fragrance and Living under her label Jette.

Yue Yuen increases turnover

Yue Yuen, one of the world’s biggest shoe manufacturers, has increased its turnover in the first quarter 2017 by 3.6 percent to 2.1 billion US Dollars (approximately 1.9 billion Euros). Benefit rose by 30.6 percent to 124.5 million US Dollars (113 million Euros). Sport shoes are the most important sales driver with a share of total turnover of 47.4 percent followed by retail trade turnovers. Casual shoes have a share of total turnover of 12.5 percent. Compared to previous-year period turnovers rose in the segment sport shoes (+ 3.8%) and retail trade (+ 9.2%). In all other segments turnovers declined, significantly so in sport sandals (- 19 percent). In total the number of shoes sold rose by 0.7 percent to 80.7 million pairs.

tag it! relaunched

The sourcing fair tag it! will be organised by a new host this autumn and take place simultaneously to the Gallery shoes on the fair grounds of the Dusseldorf fair from 27th to 29th August. The fair will be organised by the 3s GmbH & Co. KG in Monchengladbach. There will be a free shuttle service between the tag it! and the Gallery shoes for all visitors, the host announced. The fair hall 8b offers roughly a 7,500 square metres surface to exhibitors. The organisers expect to host more than 100 exhibitors from different countries. The fair is organised in joint-cooperation with the Chinese UnionFair Ltd.