Shoe leather often comes into direct contact with the skin, especially in summer time when everyone is wearing sandals, ballerinas or flip-flops. But TFL WHITE LINE TEC is a considerable advantage, not only for bare feet but also for people with sensitive skin or for children.

Sensitive skin loves TFL WHITE LINE TEC leathers:

  • WHITE LINE leathers were dermatologically evaluated under exceptionally rigid conditions using an epicutaneous patch test
  • WHITE LINE leathers were well tolerated by all test participants including people with sensitive skin even when in direct, prolonged skin contact
  • WHITE LINE leathers can be confidently described as skin friendly and hypoallergenic.

TFL WHITE LINE TEC for waterproof leathers


TFL WHITE LINE TEC leathers are well known for their pleasant handle, appearance, roundness and fullness as compared with the wet-blue based material. Additionally, water repellent TFL WHITE LINE TEC leathers can be claimed to provide high comfort levels especially in combination with highly breathable membrane technologies. Combined with the TÜV certification programme for TFL WHITE LINE TEC leathers, customers can enjoy the benefits of leathers tested for harmful substances as well as improved comfort for footwear and garment.

The benefits of the TFL WHITE LINE TEC are:

  • Water-repellent TFL WHITE LINE TEC leather compares with similar wet-blue based material in terms of moisture vapour permeability (MVTR values)
  • The water vapour uptake of wet-blue based leather is slightly higher, but the release of the absorbed water takes a lot longer than with WHITE LINE leathers. This may result in some discomfort
  • Wet-blue based and fully waterproofed articles have the lowest capacity to absorb and release water

TFL WHITE LINE TEC leathers combine high capacity to absorb and release water with high water vapour permeability and non-wicking behaviour. More