TFL Acid Retanning System

SELLATAN® AR Liq is a conditioning agent, consisting of polysulfonic acids and dispersants. It is used to prepare the retanning / fatliquoring of shoe upper and hand bag leather without a neutralizing step.

The benefits of the system are:

  • Higher cutting yield resulting from an enhanced area of grain tightness and smaller pockets in the bellies
  • Improvement of tear and tensile strength
  • Imparts a soft, tight and pleasant handle with a fine and smooth grain
  • Good and easy dyestuff penetration, even with pastel shades, when applied in suitable technologies
  • Good distribution of retanning agents and vegetable extracts
  • Fewer float changes
  • Good print retention
  • Applicable to wet blue as well as to wet-white

For further information please contact the Competence Center Wet-End.