Product Highlights

Breathable Finishing

Comfort is one of the most important requirements in our daily life. For several years TFL has been cooperating with GORE to develop a special technology for leathers which enables them to meet GORE’s water vapour permeability (MVTR) and wicking specifications. These two parameters provide an indication of the wearer comfort of shoes and leathers jackets which have been treated to prevent water from penetrating and wetting the wearer’s feet or body while allowing water vapor to pass through from inside to out.

The most critical part of the process has always been the finishing. Nowadays it is feasible to finish in a way that maintains the “breathable” behavior of the crust. The key products for this “breathable” finishing technology are RODA® Base DW 5800 & RODA® Pur DW 5794. RODA® Base DW 5800 & RODA® Pur DW 5794 are high performance polyurethanes, dull and glossy respectively, and combinations of the two make it possible to develop leathers for most kinds of shoes and garments.

Oils & Waxes: products for waterproofing and resistance to water spotting

RODA® Oil DW 4050 & RODA® Wax DW 4054

Applied on full grain or buffed leathers by hot cylinder they enhance the Maser test waterproof rating of the crust. The quantity recommended to achieve these results is between 10–15 grams/sqft. Both are suitable for “Crazy Horse” & “Pit stop” type articles.

RODA® Oil DW 4081

Applied by roller coater machine with hot a cylinder it maintains the resistance of the crust to water penetration and provides protection against water spotting. It allows excellent color evenness with a slightly greasy touch. We suggest applying 10-12grams/sqft.

RODA® Base DW 4088

Pre-bottom / base coat compound especially designed to improve the fastness to water spotting of various kinds of leather such as as shoe upper and garment types. It can be applied on previously oiled leather and has the great advantage of allowing recoating. Applicable by roller coater or spray gun, it shows good adhesion, medium dullness and good filming power.

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