Product Highlights


Scotchgard is a trademark of 3M. Use the branding opportunity and add value to your leather with Scotchgard, a brand with 50 years of leadership in protective treatments.


  • Excellent water, oil and stain resistance
  • Invisible protection
  • Retained breathability
  • Best price: performance ratio

The products are suitable for drum, aqueous and solvent spray application. More


CORIPOL® GF is a universal fatliquor giving a pleasant touch and very good dyeability to all kinds of nappa, suede and split leathers. The product imparts high inner softness and, very importantly, it has no negative effect on the odour of the finished item.

CORIPOL® GF is the ideal main fatliquor for splits and especially for high quality garment and furniture nappa made from hides or small skins. The product is very stable to hard water and also has very good stability to chrome, vegetable tanning agents and the various salts normally used in the tannery.

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Wet-end.

Washable Garment Leathers

Because of the special performance characteristics of the TFL cationic system it is now possible to produce full grain nappa leather washable in a domestic washing machine. Skeleton (TA Number CC/FI000237)has been developed with that specification by using the following key products from our cationic range:

RODA® Pur K 8727: NMP-free polyurethane dispersion which forms a medium-soft and dry film. It is used as main and co-binder in pre-bottom and base coats and has good penetration behavior.

RODA® Pur K 34: NMP-free polyurethane dispersion which forms a very soft, elastic and tacky film. It is used in pre-bottom and base coats to reduce absorption and improve adhesion. It is ideal for natural finishing, while covering grain defects very efficiently without affecting the final softness.

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Finishing.

Upgrading Garment Sheepskin Nappa

We achieved outstanding results on low grade skins by “coloring” the crust with a formulation of RODA® pur 5101 (very soft polyurethane) and RODA® KP pigments (cationic range) which helps to cover small defects while maintaining the natural look of the leather. Garment item GLOOM (TA Number CC/FI00237) was developed by combining the covering power advantages of polyurethanes with the smoothness of a cationic finish.

Further benefits can be achieved on soft leathers by upgrading the crust with our TopCare® System, in particular by spray or roller application of our specialty product RODA® Care NL.

RODA® Care NL: Formulated for covering small surface defects on any kind of soft and natural leathers. It can be applied by spray or RRC to improve the leveling absorption of the crust.

RODA® Pur 5101: Special NMP-free polyurethane for all kinds of leather. It acts as a driver in anionic and cationic finishing preparations besides as a leveling agent to adjust flow-out.

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Finishing.