COOL dyes for hot weather

Leather enhances wearer comfort

Leather is very much appreciated by consumers as fashionable and luxurious. Leather is also known as a material that retains its value and which is very durable. However, some people can become uncomfortable in leather garments under warm conditions.
TFL has developed the COOL technology: the first system offered to the leather industry which is able to restrict the rise of temperature in leather garments.

And dark leather that stays cool even under direct solar radiation opens new perspectives for the fashion industry:

  • No heating up of dark leathers
  • Possibility to use black leathers in summer collections
  • Improved wearer comfort
  • Additional value for fashion goods

How is this possible?

The TFL COOL TEC is based on a special technology whereby the sun’s energy is reflected in the invisible part of the solar spectrum. That is to say, dark COOL leathers reflect sunlight in the same way as light coloured leathers. The advantage: the temperature inside garments stays as much as 20°C lower than outside.

It’s not only the colour…

Typically, coloured leathers absorb infrared radiation and therefore heat up when exposed to sunlight. With a selection of special dyes and pigments in the leather coating, namely SELLA® COOL dyes and RODA® COOL pigments, that allow the leather to reflect rather than absorb infrared radiation, the inside of COOL leather garments is much cooler than the environment, especially with black and dark colours.

TFL COOL dyes are available in most fancy and classic colours. The most significant effect can be reached with black and dark shades.

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