Product Highlights


Metal free tanning agent with additional masking properties

SELLATAN® WL-G Liq is a pre-tanning agent for all types of leather to produce chrome-free, pre-tanned stock with very good shaving behaviour. Because of its special formulation, SELLATAN® WL-G Liq is able to penetrate quickly and easily through the cross-section of the pickled hides. It results in:

The exhaustion of SELLATAN® WL-G Liq. is optimized by the joint the use of SELLATAN® WL-G Liq which controls its exhaustion and fixation by smoothly and gently increasing the pH to the desired end-point. The use of SELLATAN® WL-G Liq in the retannage of wet-blue results in soft leather with a smooth grain & more intense dyeings. SELLATAN® WL-G Liq is particularly recommended for the following applications:

  • Pre-tanning of wet-white
  • Retanning of wet-white & wet-blue
  • Shrunken-grain leather
  • Vegetable tannages and pretannages
  • Aqueous degreasing of sheepskins

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Wet-end.


A fatliquoring agent for soft and tight-grain leathers.

Suitable for all soft and tight grain leathers. The anionic fatliquor promotes improved cutting-yield in appropriate recipes. It has a low bleaching-effect on dyes and is stable in the presence of chrome and electrolytes.

CORIPOL® SLG is an emulsion based on a combination of natural and synthetic fatty substances. It has very good light fastness and heat resistance. As it exhausts very well, it contributes also to better COD values in tannery waste water.

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Wet-end.


A lecithin based, highly concentrated companion fatliquor for soft leathers.

CORIPOL® A is an easy- to- handle, highly concentrated fatliquor used to modify the properties of co-applied fatliquoring agents. Leathers produced with it are characterised by:

  • Particularly good, internal softness
  • A smooth and silky surface handle

Additional, but important product features include:

  • Easy to emulsify in water
  • Pumpable
  • Stable to hard water, electrolytes and many tanning agents

CORIPOL® A is particularly suitable for manufacturing vegetable-synthetic tanned soft leathers as well as for automotive leathers requiring high softness and very good fogging values.

For further information please contact the Competence Centre Wet-end.