TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2019

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2019. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


Designing shoes, a bag or an item of clothing in today’s world involves more than just thinking abouthow materials perform and what they offer, such as water repellency and resistance to scratches,abrasion and stains. The leather industry has been diligently meeting these expectations and deliveringon these promises for a long time, and now faces another challenge – how to satisfy cultural trends andthe new dimension of timing imposed by fast fashion and the see-now buy-now approach, which aregrowing as quickly as the uncontrollable appetite for online shopping.

Everything is moving so fast and changing in front of our eyes; the seasons are merging and paving theway for leathers in vibrant colours, such as cadmium yellow, ocean turquoise, spring violet and Chineseinfluenced lacquered red.

Natural, powdery colours inspire kidskins glazed as smooth and glass-like as precious gems, Europeancalfskin with upgraded finishes featuring the finest grain, on which anilines seem to float like jellyfish inan aquarium and, the waxed caseins with a silicone-like feel, brushed-off to create silky effects.

Perfect geometries applied by plate or roller-embosser for both snakeskin and micro-etchings in aluminium,are enhanced and finished with marble-like effects in which clear white pigment combines in athree-dimensional effect with matt and semi-gloss polyurethanes.

Large goatskins and Indian buffalo hides offered in crocheted designs and padding techniques, withcolourful liquid paraffin waxes for a multi-coloured mix and a subtle vintage appeal.

Rounded nappa is given an extra silicone touch, with creamy waxes that explore delectable neutraltones of pastel pink, almond beige and snowy linen white.

Embroidered peonies form elegant Eastern graphic designs in the screen or ink-jet embossing onchrome-free suede; while gleaming platinum on super-light calf splits recreates the fiery green glow ofthe Southern Lights.

The vegetable retanned wet-white nubuck is studded with iridescent foil and then spun to design satinysculptural effects.

Soft patent finishes verge towards green and ocean blue or echo the colours of the sea for the supplenon-stretch half-calf leathers used to create utterly flawless accessories.

In the world of leather garments the reversible trend continues with uber-thin calfskin and lambskinwith anti-soiling finishes in techno-pop colours brought to life with fluorescent pigments matched withTFL COOL technology carbon blacks for parkas and biker jackets, light enough to wear all summer long. More


Creating a conversation with the environment is an absolute must in any context. It ensures that theconcept of sustainable chemistry is applied when manufacturing any and all materials so that we cancreate products that give the customers of tomorrow what they need and expect.

As we browse through this collection of surfaces, handles, shapes, designs and traditional or innovativematerials, leather evolves in boldly coloured suede or nubuck to adapt to the rounded shapes for theforever-free young living spaces and interiors of the future.

The leather wall coverings showcase milled grains featuring exquisite matt detailing created withever-finer, talc-touch polyurethanes matched with warm-touch metals as well as with finely polishedwood for industrial design furnishings.

The silhouettes designed on the South American bovine nappa feature delightfully delavé finishes,which are enhanced and complemented by wax and casein finishes with a gently worn look that arerolled or padded to overlap for a wonderfully natural appearance.

Soft and light are two must-have qualities for comfort; these calfskins from South German bulls andNorth African buffaloes deliver sartorial elegance, thanks to tanning and retanning in subtle shades ofchrome and chrome-free white.

The mood exuded by vegetable-tanned leathers blends faultlessly with organic shapes, offering achoice of three-dimensional grains featuring designs such as floral-jungle, macro-crocodile and unevenstripes etched with a roller or plate, all enamelled on the tips with acrylics and crystal-like water-basedlacquers.

For the wellness areas of the finest hotels we have impregnated full grain leathers for concrete effectsin bold, fashion-forward hues that contrast stylishly with ink-jet embossed details on suede leathers. More