TFL Colour Trends Spring-Summer 2018

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Spring-Summer 2018.
In this edition, we present the colour trends for leather garments, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


A table beautifully laid with tastefully presented dishes featuring many different flavours is themetaphor for the perfect fashion store; understood by those in the business as the visual and emotionalsatisfaction behind any successful fashion product in day-to-day both now and into the future.

This scenario introduces the theme of pure, bold, vibrant colours for all leathers of every imaginableorigin. White tanning is given free rein; whether it is chrome, synthetic or aluminium, the whiter thebetter for men’s and women’s footwear featuring rounded shapes.

In clothing for men and women, South American bovine leather is as light as a breeze, whilst the fine,flexible lambskin offers pure tactile pleasure. Paired like graphene, Nigerian kidskin and Indian buffalinoleather together with state-of-the-art fibres and fabrics deliver new and improved performance levelsof strength, durability and weather protection.

Everything makes a comeback sooner or later and the cowboy is a stereotype that fits into any fashiontrend, accompanied by vegetable-tanned leathers with new water-repellent properties, ever lighterwith a rubbery touch to ensure enhanced comfort for unlined booties or moccasins, and even printedpatterns on a tan background are back in style.

Classic sports provide inspiration for the latest additions to men’s leather goods: tennis brings holdallsmade from full-thickness calfskin highlighted with transparent pigments, golf provides rucksacksand kitbags in soft mosaic-printed lamb nappa and crocodile belly, while cricket introduces reversiblequilted bags in a contrasting colour scheme of chocolate brown and pastel blue or milky white andmauve green.

Rectangular, rounded, trapezium shaped rigid clutch bags are the new “IT BAGS” designed to makea lasting impression. Compared with last season, the colours are still bold and vibrant, but withmore understated matt finishing, with plenty of light, natural nuances so there is no hint of anythingartificial in the luxury end of the range. More


Successfully representing the contemporary era whilst always being unique and producing differentproducts in all areas and in every season, is a constant battle for all companies. Creativity andinnovation should be encouraged across the board and at all levels; the tanning industry has to focuson functionality, aesthetics and sustainability whilst retaining genuine quality. Exquisite ‘mix and match’stain and mould-proof nappa for the summer, creating two-tone matelassé effects for sun-drenchedoutdoor areas, in pink and red tones, and in different shades of blue for more metropolitan-styleexteriors.

Thanks to the infinite options offered by engraving, lasers, screen printing and heat transfers, grainsresembling sunbeams, matelassé effects and kid prints imbue the nubuck surfaces with a powerfullyevocative identity on soft calfskins, small sheep and goatskins, with a colour palette ranging from luminousmilky white to subtler dusty nuances and a penchant for cascading dégradé chromatic effects.

Vegetable-tanned wet-white calfskins with a low specific weight conjure up fragments of meteorites orfossils worn away by time, finished with coppery wax solutions or with matt polyurethanes, bleachedby the deliberately haphazard effect and accentuated by the hand or cylinder washes without everconcealing the geometric micro grain designs and mesmerising dotted effects.

Technology and its evermore ethereal lightness are altering conventions so there is a preference forenzyme-based products to loosen the hides before creating myriad effects on the feel similar, to theworld of flower petals.

Echoing the art of Ikebana, this concept harmoniously gives plenty of freedom of expression to wetblueprints for macro floral effects on leathers tanned with TANNESCO® FC to embody the sensationaldyeing power of the sunnier grapefruit tones and shades of tourmaline-like transparent green. More