TFL Colour Trends Autumn-Winter 2018-19

Welcome to TFL’s new Colour Trend Catalogue for the season Autumn-Winter 2018–19. In this brochure we present the colour trends for leather garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.


Futuristic and retro adaptations go hand in hand in ever more androgynous collections with a blend of extravagant colours and minimalistic lines. Every imaginable trend finds a place in this refined, futuristic set accompanied by an infinite cascade of leathers.

From enigmatic soft brushed-off leather imbued with nocturnal charm and mystery (using dark acrylic waxes and emulsions), to kidskin and buffalo with deep, voluptuous glazed grains retanned with chrome and zirconium until they are so soft they slip through the fingers.

A new rainbow look for crocodile, python and lizard with a water- or solvent-based patent finish ensures a touch of opulent elegance, which is enhanced by a brushing of exquisite pearls, as well as pop influences in the more extravagant bright shades.

Suede leathers have never looked so good thanks to a unique style created with a passion for colourful interplays and the savvy use of different sized leathers from different countries: stand-outs include kidskin, lambskin and calf, in a kaleidoscope of dyed, chrome-free leathers.

Emphasising the contrast between glossy and matt finishes, nappa boots, shoes and bags accentuate the most finely milled grains, while clear and inspiring chemistry ensures that tipping finishes flatter the more ethereal prints which ave been embossed with rollers and plates.

The basic leather is natural with a faded look, but within every leather is an explosion of innovative waterproof fatliquors with a full hand and clear oily pull-ups fixed with high-performance polyurethanes.

When not micro or macro printed, the calf footwear leathers are treated with such fine retanning agents and resins that they are must-haves in collections and are styled into elegant ankle boots and plush riding boots. More


Whether cosy or sculptural, the blackest black or purposely powdery, milled nubuck is next winter’s leather of choice and featured in a wide range of interiors uaranteed to amaze with their exquisite detail. When tinged with eastern influence, it lights up with acrylic effects in silk satin ecru, giving stitching the sculptural look of a 1950's dress.

When Central European inspiration comes to the fore, floral motifs are roller printed or innovatively ink-jetted, and then dusted with a prinkling of clouds of clear and powdery cationic wax. Nubuck also becomes white wallpaper with stucco-style finishes over the surface, creating a hand-made look.

When it drapes softly like gleaming velvet, the effect is hypnotic in sapphire blue, amethyst purple, emerald green and rich burgundy, accentuating the ethereal processing achieved with enzymes and imperceptibly fine fatliquors.

With all the understated yet sublime skill of a master craftsman, the nubuck half calf is complemented and showcased by the leather, as a polished gleam refracts the light from the finest Liberty-style oils and waxes or by a worn, vegetable-tanned techno-vintage vibe for grains created by embossing or delicate milling.

Origami-like petals and cascades of crystals create luminescent refractions of worn liquid foils on bovine leather for multi-tasking accessories. More