Application Centre India

TFL Application Centre India

The Application Centre India (ACI) has been established in the TFL Quinn India plant in Bachupally, near Miyapur, Hyderabad. The centre is well equipped with modern machinery in both wet-end and finishing. Technical workshops are conducted in the Application centre for TFL technicians as well as for the customers regarding technical novelties in all production processes.

Specialties of the Application Centre India: The production-size scale of finishing machinery available in the centre enables us to process large upholstery hides there. Thus, the TFL customers make frequent use of the equipment available to produce initial production batches using TFL systems and processes formulated by the local TFL team.

Product Development: The application centre has also been focussing on the development of customised Finishing products and formulations for the regional markets based on the customers’ specific requirements. This new range of customised products has been promoted under the "ACI" series and has helped to consolidate the market share. The development of these customised products is based largely on the local TFL Quinn products as well as the imported range of TFL products.

Physical testing lab: The Application centre India is also equipped with an Atlas Xenotest 150 S+ light fastness testing machine. This helps to evaluate the light fastness of pigments, dyes and other products. Besides this, there is also an adhesion tester and a flexometer for testing adhesion and flexes of the various developmental products.

CAD CAM technology: The Application Centre in India has found an innovative way to showcase the development of new articles to its customers. Using CAD CAM technology it is now possible to scan the leathers developed in the latest fashion trends and create computerized models of garments, leather goods, shoes and furniture with the various trendy leathers developed.

Contact persons:

S Harikrishnan Head, ACI & Finishing Development mobile: ++91-8886183777

Anil Kumar Madisetty ACI, Finishing mobile: ++91-9849037497

Girish Hari Tillu ACI, Wet-end mobile: ++91-9866095775

Additonally TFL India offers Service Centres in Chennai, Kanpur, Kolkata and Vaniyambadi.