TFL Global Fashion Center

TFL Global Fashion Centre in Castelfranco di Sotto, Italy

The TFL Global Fashion Center Italy covers a 2700 sqm area. It is strategically located in the leather manufacturing hub of Castelfranco/Santa Croce sull'Arno, which is world-famous for the production of fashion leathers for global brands and vegetable-tanned leathers, a historical tradition of the Tuscan area, for footwear and for fashion accessories

The ground floor hosts the beamhouse, wet end and finishing laboratories. The upper floor hosts meeting rooms, offices and a brand new showroom, where all the latest trends on leather articles are exposed. The showroom displays also finished leather products such as footwear, accessories, bags and clothing made with TFL leather and it is thought to be the core of all the TFL’s fashion related activities.

The TFL Global Fashion Center Italy provides the following services:

  • Simulation of real industrial production processes for all kinds of leather from raw right up to finishing
  • Best and most advanced equipment
  • Technical training workshops for both TFL staff and customers
  • Corporate events
  • Presentations of fashion-related chemical innovations for the tanning industry
  • Development and creation of new fashion articles, according to the latest trends
  • Presentation of the TFL Fashion Collection twice a year

For further information, please contact our Application Centre Italy.